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Montgomery May London is a premium men’s wellness and beauty brand operating out of the city of unmatched charisma, beauty, iconic red buses, and of course, the gorgeous Big Ben. We came into existence in 2018 to make top quality men's hair care products, grooming and health products.

Our Mission – Making you feel as fresh as London

Montgomery May London is a multi-purposed brand that is based upon a very strong foundation: feeling good. Our products are specifically and intricately designed to make men feel confident, healthy, and good about themselves – just like that unexplainably delightful feeling you get when your barber removes your cape, brushes you off, and hands you a mirror after finishing giving you a fresh cut.

Moments like these make you ready to take on the world. Montgomery May London has been built on a similar concept. We are on a mission to impart radiating glow, and a contagious smile to our valuable customers.

Our Vision – What drives us?

We want to transform the way men feel about their outer and inner appearance, and help them regain their power back.

Our vision is to become the number 1 choice for men all over London when it comes to shopping for the highest quality of premium grooming and wellness products. Our team is working hard towards providing the absolute best to our customers, and we envision a possible expansion in terms of our niche in the upcoming years. Email us today.

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About Us: About Us
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Hi there!

I am Ryan, the founder and CEO of Montgomery May London. The vision of my brand came directly from my grandparents, who have always been the main source of my inspiration.

They gifted me something priceless: a passion for value, traditions, and quality. These 3 gifts are not just a part of my family, they are now a part of my brand as well. Now I would like to share them with the world.

As mentioned above, Montgomery May London has been founded to make men feel unapologetically fresh and unbeatable in every way possible. My passion to share “feel-good” products with the world inspired me to quit my busy corporate job to follow my dream of making people feeling their best.

I began experimenting with botanicals and other ingredients that have not been clinically shown to be toxic or carcinogenic, creating products to solve the problems our customers talk about. Our team works hard to put forth products that look good and feel even better. Our products also target people with hair loss problems.

So, sit back, relax, and shop around. We hope our products make you feel like your true, amazing self!


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  • Design-driven: Our products undergo a rigid process to make sure that they are of the highest quality possible. Our products are not only of a premium quality; they are also creativity and design-driven. We make sure that our products are convenient, comfortable, and pleasant for you to use.

  • Commitment to luxury: At Montgomery May London, we are committed to luxury. Our brand was founded with one core aim: to provide premium quality luxury products to men. We are committed to providing you with unmatched luxury that looks and feels great.

  • Result-oriented: Our brand puts forth products that allow customers to see real results. The formula we use for our products has been repetitively tested, to make sure that you see the transformative results you’ve been looking for.

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